Pizza Took a chance and ordered from Palermos pizzeria. I am from NY, and know good pizza. I tried many places over the years that claim great NY pizza,I am often disappointed. This time,I was delighted! The pizza God's were smiling .upon me! I ordered the white pizza,it was perfect,thin crispy crust and excellent quality cheese.. ..not lumpy undercooked dough with fake cheese. And I order the Greek salad: fresh,delicious and perfect dressing! I appreciate a good salad! So I will give Palermos my NY stamp of approval and can definitely recommend them!
2017-Aug-04 03:28 PM

So delicious! First time I've ever ordered from here! Will order again!
2016-May-13 09:09 PM

was on the dry side and asked for extra onion and tomato which I thought would be incorporated into the cheese. Which instead the extra onion and tomato hadn't been sautéed but just thrown on top of the pizza cold.
2015-Oct-13 01:40 PM

Wonderful! Crispy crust, great sauce. Will be back
2015-Sep-08 08:34 PM

The Pizza was great!it reminds me of an old pizzaria i grew up with from the east side of St Paul (Love the flour dusted crust)
2015-Jul-06 02:41 PM

Had no taste to it. Super bland.
2015-May-09 02:13 PM