Yum they are so good
2018-Jan-30 11:34 AM

Absolutely delish. Love them.
2016-Oct-29 10:49 AM

Yum Yum in my Tum Tum
2016-Apr-11 05:24 PM

Outstanding, authentic Chicago style beef. You'd swear you're back in Chicago. I lived there for 66 years, so I know what I'm talking about. Just wish they offered Chicago style sweet green peppers.
2015-Dec-27 10:11 AM

Best Chicago style beef I've had since moving to Florida two years ago. Large portion, seasoned just right. Outstanding!
2015-Oct-10 07:59 AM

Who the hell ever in the history of italian beef ever added cheese, this guy aint from Chicago ,ok, I cant wait to try a pizza so I can laugh my balls off!
2015-Sep-19 08:50 PM